Stiebel Gearmotors Introduction

The Stiebel QuarryMaster® is a high-quality and extremely rugged geared motor that we developed specially for the conveying industry. The compact housing accommodates the powerful Stiebel high-tech gearbox with a quality IEC motor as a highly efficient unit.

A gear motor convinces through perfect stability

Designed for operation under the harshest conditions, the QuarryMaster® convinces due to its optimal stability even under excessive or frequently alternating loads. This is made possible by quality features such as the integrated torque support or oil lubricated backstop. A wide range of hollow shaft variants enables the QuarryMaster® to be flexibly adapted to diverse requirement profiles.

The Highlights of the gear motor Stiebel QuarryMaster®:

  • Compact design
  • Integrated torque support
  • Oil bath lubricated backstop
  • Wide range of hollow shaft variants
  • High stability through design expertise

Stiebel QuarryMaster Conveying drive

Stiebel Gearmotors Technical Data

  • Generally designed for operating coefficient Bf = 1.3 full load
  • Power: P =1.1 to 90 kW
  • Output: n2= 22 to 175 rpm
  • IEC motors B5 or B14 IP 55, ISO F
  • 50/60 Hz multi-range voltage
  • Motor voltage at 50 Hz to 3 kW 230/400 V, from 4 kW 400/690 V
  • Backstop subsequently installable and reversible
  • Hollow shaft diameter from 30 to 120 mm
  • Mounting position V1, motor with canopy and oil expansion tank

Our conveying drives are designed for use in combination with our tried and tested oil-lubricated gear coupling between the gearbox and motor in the lower to medium load range. The compact design of our drives makes them suitable for diverse mounting situations.

Stiebel Gearmotors Application Examples

Bulk Materials

Stiebel QuarryMaster® Gearmotor application in bulk materials

Bucket Elevator

Stiebel QuarryMaster® Gearmotor application in Bucket elevator

Belt Conveyer

Stiebel QuarryMaster® Gearmotor application in Belt Conveyer

Belt Feeder

Stiebel QuarryMaster® Gearmotor application in Belt Feeder

Stiebel QuarryMaster® Design Software

Stiebel QuarryMaster® Design Software

Our QuarryMaster® design software has been developed to help you select the model (geared motor) best suited to your particular requirements.

Simply click on the following link:

QuarryMaster design software